Our Contact Details

Cheflink Seafood Ltd supply Frozen, Farmed and Fresh Fish to Seafood Wholesalers and Retailers in Ireland and the UK.

For queries related to our seafood product sales or if you would like to become a customer of Cheflink Seafood please contact our Seafood Sales Department by email on Sales@cheflinkseafood.com. We work with Independent Seafood Retailers, Seafood Wholesalers, Speciality Food Stores and Food Service throughout Ireland and the UK.

If you feel you can meet the Quality Standards demanded by our Purchasing department, and you would like to supply product to Cheflink Seafood, please contact our Purchasing Department by email on purchasing@cheflinkseafood.com.

If you require further information on our business or are looking to make contact with any of our team please contact our Marketing Department by  email marketing@cheflinkseafood.com and we will endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact our Human Resources Department by email HR@cheflinkseafood.com

If you would like to talk to any of our team please phone us on +353 (0) 51 364800.

Your business matters to us. We look forward to hearing from you.